Heart + Land: Where We Make It All Happen

The Herff Farm will be a model Natural and Farming Center for living lightly on the land, unlike anywhere else.

The Herff Farm will be:

  • A hub for community conversations and learning
    • A large-capacity pavilion and amphitheater will accommodate educational and community events on a broad scale, while classrooms, trails, exhibits and community gardens will foster smaller, daily opportunities for students and community members to gather at the Farm.
  • An example of living lightly in the Hill Country
    • The Farm will teach students and adults sustainable techniques such as home gardening, rainwater catchment and conservation, best energy-use practices, composting and more. Operating sustainably, it will also act as a living model of environmental stewardship.
  • A source of environmental education programs for all ages
    • Each of us is a caretaker of the land. The Farm will actively engage all people to consider the opportunities that are readily available for living in harmony with nature.
  • A wildlife corridor and trails
    • Home to native prairie grasses and a bird sanctuary, the Farm will expand its trail system with a bridge between the Cibolo Nature Center and Farm.
  • A thriving teaching¬†garden and Farmers Market
    • The seasonal weekly farmers market and year-round teaching¬†garden will be enhanced by programs which support sustainable living.

Check back often for updates!