Wildlife Workshops

Do you know the names of the birds that flock to the tree near your house?  How about the name of that tree?  Or the butterflies that flutter amongst the flowers in your garden?  Perhaps you want to take your interest in wildlife to the next level and become a citizen scientist?  Our wildlife workshops will teach you the techniques that naturalists use to identify wildlife as well as the habitats where you can find species.  Many workshops include a hands-on component out in the park or on the Herff Farm.

Our wildlife workshops cover many topics, including:

  • Native Plants
  • Butterflies
  • Basic Birding
  • Birding by Ear
  • Dragonflies
  • Reptiles
  • And More...

Why this is important:

When we know the name of a bird, butterfly, plant or any species, we might tend to value it more.  When we treasure wildlife, we are more inclined to protect it from harm and to steward it's habitat.  Wildlife workshop attendees often become nature supporters and enjoy using their naturalist skills as citizen scientists.

NOTICE:  When registering online for any of our workshops, please be advised there is a 10% processing fee for refunds due to cancellation.